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Incredible Coffee Is Nearer Than You Think!

You might not think that great coffee can come from a little locally-owned drive-up stand, but we are positive that after you try Perks, you might even think it is the best you've ever had. 


We are firm believers in quality and tastiness so everything we offer has been taste-tested and Perks approved.


We roast all our own coffee in small batches to ensure that every bean is roasted to our exact standards. Our shot pulls and grind size are constantly monitored throughout the day to ensure the most rich and delicious shot every time.


We aren't brand loyal when it comes to syrups, powders, teas, etc. We are taste and quality loyal. We taste and try, and try and taste until we find the very best.


And you'll find much more than coffee here. We have smoothies, iced teas, milkshakes (rated among the top ten in Houston, according to abc13!), lemon ice, Bean Freeze (our unique frozen coffee beverage!), and more. We even have boba tea, poppers and jellies!


Come try us out. You will find out why we have near-perfect ratings with Yelp and Facebook!




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